Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Gym

Sooooo... the lesson borne out of moving this past month... well... wait, lessons... were 1) Have less stuff. Just... you (I) mean really? Do I really need all that? Probably not. 2) Keep your (my) opportunism in check! Because it's just plain stupid to try and buy all your furniture at the same time as first and last month's rent AND a deposit AND utilities AND their frackin' deposits.

Which is why I need to stop justifying my desire to get a gym membership. I mean, it breaks down pretty easily: Can you afford it? No. Okay, case closed. (This is why I married the particular Matt that I did... he asks these questions and comes to these conclusions) But I keep thinking, well when CAN we afford it? Cuz technically if I give up food for the next month we could probably cover it. No, I really do have a realistic dilemma- that is when we have sufficient funds to start health care... what will that mean? And how important does working out rank on the scale of priorities? I figure, if I'm in shape, I won't get sick and if I don't get sick we won't need to see the doctor as much and that saves... But then again, instead of paying for a gym membership we could just get health care and then get sick and see the doctor and not pay for it anyway. Or... I could just go for a run instead of the gym and pay for health care. OR!!! My husband could be come a personal trainer at the gym and get a FREE membership and a family discount! AND we could pay for health care! There, that wasn't such a waste of space. I feel better.

But as for "interesting observation" I went back and forth between disgust and misty eyes with all the posters plastered around... In the women's locker room there was one that said "Karen got back down o her weight in high school!" but right outside was one that said "Joan use exercise to recover from brain surgery" and "Frank can tie his shoes again!" I was so torn between whether I wanted to work out to look better or avoid dying. Apparently both are sufficient marketing ploys. Damn the man! I'm doing to make my next four meals completely of lard and egg yolks. That will show them I don't care. Oh wait... isn't that Atkins?

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