Friday, October 10, 2008

It's important!

Now, I'm not really one to let "the man" tell me what's important... in fact, ask me, and we can have a lengthy theological discussion as to exactly how far I'm willing to take my psuedo-rebellion against "the man" in the context of my Christian faith.
(go on ask me! It'll be fun!)
But in this case (and without making an exception to my rule, mind you) I must admit that I love many things about my city. Furthermore, I love what this particular campaign by the city.

Pasadena has essentially sent all it's residents a coupon for $75 in "energy-saving light bulbs" in hopes that each residence will replace 10 of their old light bulbs with the new ones they are getting for free! How exciting! They started the program by sending all residence samples of the bulbs (two each), also for free!

Pasadena claims that if ever residence participates, as a city we will reduce our carbon emissions by 10,000 tons! Wow!

Now, I'm a little wary of taking "the man" for "his" rather duplicitous word... but I can verify that I will in fact be saving on light bulbs for the next few years as these babies last about 10 times longer!

Better still! They are no available for the holiday season!!

But don't forget boys and girls, these light bulbs may contain "electronic or hazardous waste because they contain a trace amount of mercury" so never (as bold-ed on the website) EVER (extra emphasis by me) throw them in the recycle bin or trash can. You could get sick or die and the city would be liable! (Seriously... be safe) Instead drop them off at a CFL waste disposal center.


Let's be honest, though. The most exciting thing about this for the new Real-World (i.e. not in (really) college, pay for toilet paper, swear at bills) Danica is the excitement of getting a package in the mail!!!!

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