Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day 2008 - Poverty

Hey friends! Today is October 15th, Blog Action Day!
The topic this year is poverty. If you haven't posted already, I really encourage ya'll to take the time to facilitate a discussion or process the implications of certain actions or attitudes or even politics or faiths as they address poverty.
Register your blog for the day at:
(My previous post shows a video on the ambitions for the day)

If you're looking for a topic, please feel free to address the one I've chosen for the day - it's close to my heart as I have written grants for Eden Reforestation Projects and now am involved in the production of their videos explaining deforestation. Take a look!

"Reforestation 101:
The Destructive Nature of Deforestation and What Can be Done

By watching and sharing this video you can help spread the word about what we mean by such simple statements as "Healing Lands and Lives" and "Plant trees. Save lives."

This 4 minute video will be well worth your time to watch and learn about the basic reasons behind the causes of erosion, desertification, and mudslides. The good news is, working together we can plant trees and forest again.

Everything Lives Where Trees Live

Plant Trees – Save Lives!

Embed the code below and start your own discussion on deforestation, desertification, and the hope that lies in reforestation and projects like ERP!
Just copy and paste. =)


Sabrina said...

Danica, hello there!
Sabrina here, you've dropped by my website. Anyways, I think it's a great idea. Great videos & all. I've already checked out and absolutely am moved by it.
I wasn't aware of Blog Action Day 2008 at all. I'll definitely post the videos up and spread the words. Great projects.

I love getting involve in things like these so if there's any volunteery works or things I can do to contribute, don't hesitate to let me know! thanks alot =)
I would very much love to.
Keep me updated =)

Sabrina said...

Aw, you're welcome Danica there.
I should thank you, instead.. Getting to know you & knowing the existence of this. I've always loved to help but because I'm in this country,
I've not heard of any major pursue in saving the environment except the minor campaigns & such.
I've went on tree planting projects and all before but it's a rare event.

I've always looked forward to things like this. & I'll definitely inform my friends.. It's 16th October in my country now. Although they won't be able to post but I'm sure glad if they're aware of it.

We'll definitely keep in touch, just inform me of any projects, I'll try my best to be apart of it even if it means moving to another side of the world. =D

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