Tuesday, September 30, 2008


As I continue to educate myself on the woes of the world, I am compelled to journal/blog about it a little more.

You may see some added links at the bottom of this post throughout the day as I am finding many interesting articles.

I guess I ought to start by retracting that "woes of the world" statement... it's kind of silly to say that. And with the programs I've been reading about and the growing number of people becoming savvy to possibly ways of reversing issues such as deforestation, I am more hopeful and excited than ever before.

Today I read about the Billion Trees Campaign from Ten's Innovations. This kind of project could change the climate of an entire continent, for the better! Have you ever looked at the Google Earth pictures of Africa? Not all of that used to be sand colored.... I was actually trying to find the street I lived on last year in Shanghai and the satellite photos just weren't clear enough for me to navigate the city- it was too darn smoggy. Point being, we don't really have much excuse to claim ignorance to the changing face of our planet- there are images of the repercussion of our exploitation of land in other places is hardly invisible.

Forgive me, you adventurers who are glimpsing my blog, for embedding the very videos I may have shared with you on your own blogs not too long ago. I think this video is particularly good because we don't always understand how desertification happens and this breaks it down into bite size processing chunks:

Deforestation / Reforestation from Chronicle Project on Vimeo

More videos are available for this particular project at

I will be writing more. But I'm getting hungry... I'll be back, with more links to share with the blog world out there on the topics of desertification and reforestation.

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Alien said...

Good post! Desertification is taking place at an alarming rate around the world and if it's not stopped and reversed immediately, it would have disastrous consequences for the planet.

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