Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lost in Translation

If you read Traditional Chinese... maybe you could help me out with a comment I received. This is what Yahoo Translator gave me:

You need the indoor design? Please look for extremely the shed! He has gang this fragrant 舖 to make the decoration, who did the fragrant 舖 website design ask to do links SEO also to do said! Your indoor design met a pile too to be also tired my mother Ye! Recently in the friend family do some people married do not know need the wedding ceremony video recording? ISEE this probably good Ye! The Aurora style's Yilan people sleep in there cross the honeymoon to be very idle, the Beijing View Advertisement Design Company designs the wedding ceremony gift box's thing is really very good! Wedding ceremony scene also some people take add the throttle to refuel for the new person, conference site scene flare very US, happy pair's medal is also satisfactory, Lian Liche the headlight is the LED white light moves the peach garden from Nankang, the new home needs the indoor design? Asks this family not to have good which the wrong this family indoor design does! The indoor design's ten methods they have, the indoor design's truth they also know, the wife secretly will not go to the motel with other man, the house also needs two embryos? Your family needs to illuminate? LED will be the future mainstream commodity you knows! The LED province electricity the environmental protection, really wants to buy one to try, my company serves the project has a health foods generation of labor, the vegetarian diet capsule You need to lose weight? Quick movement! The indoor design also contains the space design! Rents a room the net publication free not to spend money in the clear boundary farm sheep to be very lovable! Which is the Middle Ages vehicle performance actually the good indoor design must look for to be quite good! a383 website in? which a383 do you know the website in? The second-hand furniture is also cheap also the easy to use Wenshan Moving company's service telephone good Moving company to introduce that which you fitness to the bodily very good tasty tea buy! What can A piece of many younger sisters look at SEO the place unamusing = = SEO place? How does SEO arrange quite on quickly! Does not tell you the fine Moving company please to look for the yellow page to look how the Moving company does choose quite good Taibei Moving company which good? The Taibei Moving company moves the flow Taibei Moving company, the Taibei Moving company visitors is Ye! This family's appeal thing design is diverse! The appeal thing packing is occult you to need the appeal thing to be auxiliary? The appeal thing uses well! The appeal thing, the appeal thing, the appeal thing, the appeal thing, the appeal thing, the appeal thing, the appeal thing, the appeal thing, the Taichung Moving company, A piece, the Taibei Moving company, the Taibei County Banqiao Moving company, the appeal thing, the appeal thing, the appeal thing, the appeal thing, the appeal thing, the appeal thing, the appeal thing, the appeal thing, the appeal thing, the appeal thing, expends the ticket, the appeal, the appeal, the appeal, the appeal appeal, the appeal, the appeal, the appeal, the appeal, appeal world many people are = = Jan Zhuanfan the tool to be very easy to use! Drafts the letter society service to be fine, 絕 does not make do! Every month the freight transportation company removes goods has the fixed price pickled vegetable delicious Ye uniform invoice to check lottery results the indoor design company light bright this family who 26 must check lottery results to be good! The heat-insulating cardboard has used hotly! The indoor design company usually designs the family is very beautiful! which does the led flashlight illuminate the ultra luminous second-hand stack board to buy? a383 has a look! Moves serves the area to be as follows: The Da'an area moves, Sungshan moves, the mountainous area moves, eight miles move, five move, Taishan moves, Datong District moves, the area moves, the indanthrene moves, Wan Hua moves, rains when supports the umbrella, here has a fine umbrella to let you, the uniform cannot drip wet! The uniform clean is the good baby! SEO   This second-hand vehicle's performance is very good
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