Wednesday, October 8, 2008

An different environmentalist


(1) We believe in emphasizing limited government, free markets, and individual liberties.

(2) We believe “smart growth” is damaging the economy and the environment.

(3) We believe there is not compelling evidence that human CO2 emissions are causing potentially catastrophic climate change.

(4) We believe there is abundant land, and “urban service boundaries” are meant to inflate the price of homes to increase property tax revenues to the public sector.

(5) We believe California’s “Global Warming Act” is a tactic to reduce public entity budget deficits through fees and hidden taxes (such as CO2 emission auctions).

(6) We believe budget deficits can be eliminated by placing ALL retired workers in America on social security and medicare, including retired public employees - and NOT through global warming taxes & fees.

(7) We believe nuclear power is safe, and Yucca Mountain is a safe repository for nuclear waste.

(8) We believe the “alarm industry” is far better funded, by 100 to 1 or more, than the “denial industry.”

(9) We believe cars, busses and roads are a far, far more efficient solution to mass transit challenges than light rail.

(10) We believe CO2 is the LEAST of our air pollution concerns, and we should focus on reducing genuine air pollution.

(11) We believe if there are regional climate impacts caused by man, they are more the result of deforestation, aquifer depletion, and desertification - than atmospheric concentrations of CO2.

(12) We believe that many green entrepreneurs and green politicians have been corrupted by the fascistic urgency of the global warming message, and are unscrupulously exploiting it.

(13) We believe centralized mandated solutions to alleged global warming will inhibit innovation and undermine our ability to achieve energy independence and genuine pollution reductions.

(14) We believe the excessive focus on CO2 is slowing the trajectory of solutions to genuine environmental challenges, if not reversing them.

(15) We believe we may modify these principles at any time, based on factual evidence.


Tom Nelson's Blog


Wendy said...


Your words were such a surprise to me. I am always aware that somebody is reading my blog but yes, whenever someone I didn't expect to tell me they are reading it's always... mmm, well, surprising. But in a nice way. I feel a bit more pressure though. You know, to be interesting or entertaining somehow.

I'm still trying to figure out this video blogging thing. I want to be better at it because it does take it to the next step. I've been blogging since I was 13 so in a way, I feel ready. I need a little more practice and put a little more thought into what I want to say before I turn the camera on. But I also want to be authentic as well.

So thank you for your words. They are encouraging.

And yes, I will take a look at the website and put up some videos!

Misty Jo said...

hello, thanks for reading. um... can you teach me about how to add the video, and it's done? i'm trying to write more, and i think the blog is the best way to go for now... to get stuff out there to people who want to, for whatever crazy reason, read what i write...
i'd also love to know how to subscribe to blogs/add links to other's blogs on mine and i know not how. i live in monrovia and traipse through pasadena often. more than often.
and i work at zephyr on saturdays, and soon friday mornings.

let's play.

call me. anytime. i don't know how 'secure' this is, but here's my number... you can delete this comment later if it will jeopardise my integrity ;)


grace and peace to you,
misty jo

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