Sunday, October 26, 2008

Big in Sweden

This is for Miss Wendolyn who said she wanted to see my famous movie.
(regarding a Twitter posting which read: I am SUCH a star: so far Chronicle Project has published a film on me, asked to post my autobiography and now requested a voice over. wow 9:20 AM Oct 21st)

A little preface - I work with a group called Chronicle Project, a group that develops new media and films to tell the stories of social justice groups. What rocks about my job is that we get to work with organizations that we really really love and connect with - going the "second mile" for these friends is very common!
In working in film, more or less, I often get to fill in front of the camera or behind the microphone for test runs of equipment or for filler...

This video was our test of the new Nikon D90 which is kind of like an SLR but can shoot high-res video! We tested it again an HVX digital camera.

Apparently we were one of the first to run this kind of test and so post it in the Vimeo community yielded far more attention than we were expecting. What was supposed to be an in-office test-run turned out to make Danica "big in Sweden".

D90 and HVX side-by-side test from Chronicle Project on Vimeo.

Haha, so 24 hours later find out this is not a common phrase. No no, I was just told at the office that I am literally big in Sweden because apparently this video is posted all over Sweden... Hah!


Wendy said...

First off. You look incredible on camera. Also, now I feel like I must go out and by the Nikon D60 because the res on that thing is incredible. And lastly, I think you're rad.

Danica said...

oh ps! wow this is like a month late... it's the D90! if you do buy it. =D

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