Friday, November 30, 2007

Clark the Samurai/Wedding Beta Fish

I had forgotten his name was Clark until just after the anniversary of his coming to into our lives. That day was a joyous day of union between Matt & I and Clark had been front and center for the whole of the reception. In Paso Robles he was born and raised, and in Paso Robles he has died.
Clark was affectionately known as the "Samurai-" or "Wedding Fish" in the Sheean/Northend household. Do to the lack of responsible and/or migratory friends, he accompanied us on many vacations including Las Vagas - Star Trek Adventure, Visalia - Grammy's House, Sacramento - Yia Yia's (old) House, San Diego - ComicCon, and several trips to the Sheean household in Paso Robles including two Thanksgiving seasons and a Christmas. It is only fit that he should expire almost exactly one year from returning home.
As I presented the fish upon arrival to my little sisters for the 4th time in a year, they reminded me of the original name I had given him, "Clark," because of his red and blue shimmer, like Superman. It was only last night at midnight when Matt and I watched Superman Returns. This must have been when Clark's spirit departed from us.

We will miss you Clark. But we are glad you died before we got home because it just wouldn't have been a poetic. Rest in peace.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

A place to leave an artibrary comment

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