Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hot chocolate

"So I hear the microwave going after Matt & I are cuddling & I go into the kitchen & and he's making hot chocolate & I'm like, oh good! I'd love some hot chocolate & he says, oh, okay or maybe some tea? And I'm like, is that because there is no hot chocolate left? And he nods looking downward & I say, so you made the last hot chocolate for just yourself? And he nods sheepishly so I exclaim, YOU EVIL BASTARD! And he says, forgive me! I was operating on scarcity and not Christ's abundance! And then we accidentally found a hidden hot chocolate packet." =

"we cuddled&Igo 2 kitchen&hes makin hotchocolate&Isay 'oh Id love some'& hes 'ok or mybe tea?'&Im'thats cuz theres no hotchocolate left?'&he nods&I say 'u made jus1 hotchocolate jusfer u?'&he nods&I sayU EVIL BASTARD!&hes'I was operating on scarcitynot Christs abundance!&then we found a secret hot chocolate." =

"Id LUVsum-K mybe tea-cuzUmade last hotchoclat jus4u?-yes-EVIL BASTARD-sry! oprating on scarcity not GodsAbundance!but we find xtr hotchoclat"

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