Saturday, November 1, 2008

What Weather!

Its about time, Fall!

Now many can attest to how utterly duplicitous it would be for me to ever accuse one of being untimely. After all, the foundation of success in my marriage is the common understanding of time that seems to elude the rest of our culture... (overstatement.)

But really, Fall, where were you? I waited for weeks! You tricked me with a rainy day in October; you even allowed Spring pose as you in the late cool Summer! Deceit!
Why, Fall? Why would you put us through so much?
We were counting on you! We took scarves out from the bottom drawer. We started ordering Pumpkin Spice lattes! But when they asked us "hot or iced," we looked outside and sighed, wiped the sweat from out brow and glumly settled for the plastic cups. I even spend the money I found in my Winter coat... that was for you, Fall. You let Summer rob me.

Still... in your tardiness you managed not to fail the Trick-or-Treaters. In hope they donned long robes and sticky masks, dreading the drench they might face after a warm night. We all woke yesterday with an reminiscent scent hanging in the air: dirt and grass and pavement that we usually don't smell. The water on the ground had unlocked the memories we hadn't dared to resurrect on our own! Could it be? Had it rained?

Today November surprised me. Halloween has that distracting effect. Outside it is unusually dark for the evening and my brother-in-law asks me from only 60 miles away if it is thundering and raining over our house. "Is it there?" I ask, knowing that he is experiencing the future weather to be soon upon us. "Yes!'" he tells me now! And as if on que the birds outside my window explode in chorus and take flight, just before the first thunder begins to roll.

Bring it on, Fall! We've missed you and welcome you with open arms. But... maybe next time you could be a little more punctual?


Wendy said...

great, now you make me want to redo mine. i like the yellow a lot, btw. but i cannot share in your enthusiasm with fall. i have now been forever changed to be a summer girl. summer lovin'... sorry, couldn't resist.

Wendy said...

i'm just going to point out that in the month of october, we both wrote 22 entries.

if that doesn't make us kindred virtual friends, i don't know what does.

now the question is,

what will hanging out in "real life" be like? perhaps we should bring our laptops to help ease the transition...

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