Monday, November 17, 2008

Shut up! You were ALL Trekkie's when Next Generation was airing!

I don't care how nerdy you think Star Trek is. This trailer is still worth wetting your pants over. Thank you JJ Abrams for gracing us geeks with your movie Midas touch!!
But if you made Kirk out to be a vigilante Wolverine in space, I will kill you.
Ah... science fiction fan-dom can be so unforgiving.

Click here to see the trailer in its full glory!

But after watching this trailer for the nth time this morning I have to vocalize a few of my minor critisms. Forgive me if I yield to the vernacular at the expense of lucid argument - this happens when you write on passions of nerdiness... especially nostalgic ones!

I say again, I hope this is the same Captain Kirk I know and love and, as I per the tweet to Thinkgeek contest, the main character of moral metaphors Dad raised his daughters on... I am concerned that they might inappropriately play up some kind of "bad boy" Kirk. But he's an honorable guy! If self-centered and over confident - I'm not a fan of the implied peeping-tom scene.
And come on!! The ONLY solo shot of Uhura is when she's taking her shirt off?! Way to be Star-Trek-progressive. She's the only chick on the crew and that's the screen time she gets in the trailer? What-eeeever. Lame.
But on the more positive side - who is excited about Spock? And Scotty for that matter!
I really shoudl get back to work and stop re-watching the trailer... so I'll just bullet point my final enthusiasms:
  • The Planet Vulcan
  • NCC1701in its construction stages
  • Excessive ship-to-ship combat + explosions
This is gonna be good.


ashleyjones said...

OMG!!! This looks awesome. When the siren went off on the Enterprise (am I right?) it totally took me back to my childhood.

Matthew Sheean said...

Yea, hopefully it's not Michael Bay-ified, cuz it looks like the best looking star trek ever, I mean, finally they're spending money on it!

Alexa said...

this is going to be fantastic!!

Malachi Ward said...

I'm wary that the movie will be TrekBabies. Like Patton Oswalt said: "Do you like ice cream? Well here's some rock salt" Sometimes I don't care about how stuff originated.

But oh man am I excited. I like all the actors and the space battles look really cool. Now I just have to wait until may.

I wonder when I completely stopped caring if I sounded nerdy or not.

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