Wednesday, November 12, 2008

America Recycles Day!

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November 15th, 2008!

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America Recycles Day Is Coming and ERP Needs Your Change!

November 15th of 2008 the National Recycling Coalition is encouraging us to participate and educate ourselves and our community on recycling!

(Did you know what in 2006, enough plastic bottles were thrown in the trash to pay for the repaving of California highways six-times over?!)

Eden Reforestation Projects also has an idea of how we can make the most of the change coming from recycling! And we’re not just talking about changing the planet, but the change you can get from your local recycling center for bottles and cans!
For most of us, a few dozen recycled sodas only add up to a couple bucks. But in the nurseries of Eden Reforestation Projects, $2 = 20 trees that are planted! $10 = 100 trees! And these aren’t trees just anywhere; the seedlings in the nursery go to the most environmentally injured areas of Ethiopia, Madagascar, Sudan, and Kenya.

As fellow Earthlings in charge of our planet, we’d like to encourage you to practice recycling! Set plastics aside for that special blue bin, consider recycled auto parts, start a compost pile, and, most of all:
Start collecting those precious nickels and dimes from your soda cans and bottles! We need your change!

Use your recycling to plant trees and save lives!

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