Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What does this even mean?

I saw this diagram and I thought it was interesting.

The article was on hardwood flooring and its benefit to the environment... but I have no idea what this picture was supposed to represent.

The argument was that hardwood flooring is actually good for the environment - this is because old trees fall and rot and release carbon in the air. OH NO!! OUR OWN PLANET HAS TURNED ITSELF AGAINST US! I thought nature was GREEN!!!!!

So... what do you think this diagram means?

1 comment:

m. kayla said...

i don't know, but your blog doesn't give me dilated pupils from over-stimulation anymore. :) too complex for me wee-sized cerebral cortex.

i gots twitter...there, art thou happy? (favorite line from romeo & juliet, btw)

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