Sunday, November 2, 2008

Book Swap!

Okay, so I've heard of CD swaps via mail with organizations like and I've heard of ppl swapping books via mail but I've never heard of an organization for book swaps.

Until now!!

Jump on the band wagon, fellas, 'cause this is about the most awesome discovery I come upon in the last few months.

It's called Swap Tree.
It literally takes 8 seconds to sign up and it doesn't require any personal information.

"Swaptree is a new and innovative way for people to easily trade the books, cds, dvds and video games they are finished with, for the ones they want, all for free. With swaptree, your collections stop gathering dust and can be used to acquire other items you want. By offering to trade a single item, you can choose from thousands of books, dvds, cds, and video games that you can receive in exchange. Best part: everything is free, you only pay shipping."

Swap tree matches what you are offering and what you would like to own with others who are swapping out their old stuff and looking for your used stuff. Only Swap Tree uses a nifty compatibility generator so that the swaps can happen three-ways if a two-way swap isn't possibility.

When you are ready to swap for something you provide a mailing address, but other than that, it's your envelope, your stamps, and your books, DVDs, and games for trade!

It's not always instantaneous, but after a few days, a match can be made. The more stuff you have to offer, the sooner your item might become available. If Swap Tree recognizes one of your friends has something you are looking for, it will notify you to save you the postage.

Thus, I'm encouraging you to join forces with me and Swap Tree and rule the world!
Oh wait, that's another train of thought. Anyway. Swap!

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