Thursday, January 29, 2009


Deidox | Trailer from Deidox on Vimeo.

Finally! We are live and out there! is up and the curious have come pouring in!

On Tuesday (Day 2 of being live) we actually had a server crash... Check out the team's reactions here.

Probably because we got so popular all of a sudden!

Today we had TWO live webcasts from the Deidox site itself. We will be broadcasting for the next five or six weeks; if you're interested in attending, just checkout the times at
The next series of broadcasts will be tomorrow (Friday) at 9AM, Noon, and 5PM.

If you're not sure what Deidox is, go check out the website. In short, it is a series of films Chronicle Project is producing that illustrate the activity of God. As Christians, we understand God to be loving and gracious (despite the many consequences of a broken nature); and we believe that God is ever-reaching into the world to extend that grace. These are true stories that document that activity as it is manifest in the Body, in God's people.

But watch the films! Get the story for yourself. I've provided the Deidox trailer above, but there are also trailers for Deidox | Lindsay and Deidox | Robert.

If you like what you see or want to join in the discussion, pass the word on and leave us comments on the Deidox Blog!

You can also join the Deidox fanpage (which has been growing exponentially daily!) or view the works on YouTube, Myspace, Godtube, and Vimeo.
And yea... I do think I'm cool for being responsible for most of the design on those sites - I'm also guilty of not being a graphic designer...).

Happy viewing!

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