Tuesday, January 27, 2009

About Griffin Technology's NYComicCon Super POWER Contest

Forgive me, readers, for my extended absence. I recently discovered a sewing machine and a cookbook in my closet. We also launched Deidox this week! These last weeks of January have been quite busy. Matt's birthday is tomorrow, too, and I have also been preparing his birthday present (which, actually, has nothing to do with either sewing or cooking but has required some sneaky cleaning).

But this week I also discovered how productive I can be when Matt isn't around! I mean don't get me wrong, but he left for the day to spend time with his family at Disneyland; and without him around to start extended conversations about theology, science fiction, or the latest on Ain't It Cool News as soon as I walk in from work, I realized that, there are indeed, several hours left in the day with which to sew, cook, read, write, and harass.

Anyway, I intend to take greater advantage of those hours in the future with my blog.

-- end apology. --

-- begin dissemination of information: --

NYComicCon Super POWER Contest
Slip out of your secret identity and into something more Super
with Griffin Technology's NYComicCon Super POWER Contest

You could score two passes to New York ComicCon and a veritable phonebooth full of Griffin power gear. Here's how:

• Upload a photo of you disguised as your favorite super hero to our this Flickr group no later than 4pm CST Thursday, Jan.29th.

• We'll randomly choose one winner at that time.

• The lucky (super) winner wins:
- two weekend passes to the New York Comic Con (weekend passes only, travel and accommodation are not included), February 6th - 8th, 2009.
- one PowerDock4 to charge up to four iPods or iPhones. (Please note, PowerDock is not approved for charging communicators, weapons or energy binders )
- one TuneFlex AUX with SmartClick, so you can mount, charge and remote control your iPod or iPhone in your massively modified car/jet/sub/star frigate.
- one AirCurve to acoustically amplify your iPhone when your arch enemy has left you powerless.
- one Clarifi case to protect your iPhone 3G and to shoot photos with the built-in, close-up lens of your enemy's secret plans.

Approximate total retail value $300.00.

Don't forget to tell a friend about this exciting opportunity to mingle with other like-minded super heros, plus score some power-enhancing Griffin products.

Details on New York Comic Con here:

Am I planning on participating in this?
Pictures will surely follow.


Joe said...

Hold on...there are bloggers who actually have a (GASP) life? I hope nobody ever expects that of me.

Danica said...

But Joe, who needs a life when we've got the Internets!!!!

Ironically it's funny to think I'm actually trying to balance doing interesting things AND writing about them. It's just not fair. Some people are talented enough to do both.

Talented.... or have access to a time portal.

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