Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Light Show in Witchita!

This is a completely unedited and not-previously-viewed video from the backseat of our Honda Pilot. There were eight sarcastic Northends in that car, viewing this awesome light show with the music playing over the radio. Apparently many houses around the country do this with Vixen or similar programs, and then often ask for donations to their favorite charities. I believe this is part of the Tacky Light Tour.
We spent the evening with a Google map of the places in Wichita that had these! I highly recommend making a local family trip of this.
(Here is a "How To" on the Christmas light show set up)

Christmas Light Show through the radio! from Danica Northend on Vimeo.

About the Tacky Light Tour:
Tacky lights date all the way back to 1882 and can be attributed to Edward H. Johnson, the forefather of tacky lights and an associate of Thomas Edison. On December 22 of that year Johnson placed a Christmas tree that was hand-wired with 80 walnut-sized lights in the living room of his Fifth Avenue home in New York City (pictured right). He was vice-president of Edison Electric Light Company (now known as Con Edison electric utility) and commissioned employees to patriotically wire the tree with red, white and blue lights.

His idea blazed across the United States like a flame held to the bark of a dry evergreen wrapped with strung popcorn. This ultimately led to the invention of weatherproof Christmas lights in the 1960s. Competitively tacky families across the country soon moved their indoor Christmas lights outdoors, and originally outlined their homes. The notion of outdoor Christmas lights and displays sparked a frenzy of lights that blink, twinkle, chase, resemble icycles and shape into various figures.

More recent advances in technology and environmental awareness has pushed companies to produce more efficient products including LED Christmas lights. Boasting longer lifetimes and virtually indestructable construction, LED Christmas lights are the new craze. Even though LEDs are a bit more expensive, a 90% savings in energy has made LED Christmas lights the future of the Tacky Light Tour.

All in all people have always strived for creativity whether that be artistically tasteful or not. Over the past 45 years we've seen the adaptation of flickering lights, lifesized lawn props, animated scenery and even low-powered radio stations. It can only be assumed that with every technological advancement, those advancements will be used by many to warm the hearts and minds of Christmas lovers throughout the world.

Some more extravagant Christmas lights!


ashleyjones said...

Nerds! All of you. Circuit boards and wiring...sheesh.

Just kidding. You are all awesome. I enjoyed the sarcasm and "America" jabs. Light pollution should be noted, also. It was in National Geographic a bit ago, and this family is NOT HELPING.

Clinton said...

I bought LED lights to replace my halogen MR16 bulbs the other day from a website called that I would recommend enthusiastically.. They had good service (good phone and email support), excellent FAQs so I knew what I needed, very competitive prices, and their shipping was fast and the LEDs were just as advertised. A pleasure to deal with!

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