Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I read them all freakin' day. I'ma start posting, like, non-stop. Like Twitter. But longer. Have you heard of Twitter? I just discovered it! Apparently I'm way behind.

So I just found this:

and I know that by linking it the rating on the website will rise.

I will just keep a running journal of what I think every day. I think everyone on the Internet would like to know what I'm thinking. I'm pretty sure that the general consensus is that thoughts are interesting. Not because they're read, but because everyone keeps a log of their thoughts and posts them online thinking others will find it interesting. Like me!

I had some funnier thoughts earlier, but they were eclipsed by the sudden club-style dancing that 2 of my 3 co-workers recently erupted into. They sorta danced around, and a bit on, the third who said them, "don't ever do that again." One stopped and laughed to sluff of his embarrassment. The other kept dancing. For another two minutes. I don't think he heard the third guy.

I. LOVE. my job. a lot.

I'ma go do it from home for the rest of the afternoon. =D Awesome.

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