Sunday, April 10, 2011

My favorite place in the world: The Huntington Library's Succulent Gardens.

The summer of 2009 (the roughest summer of my existence), Matt & I serendipitously stumbled upon the Huntington Library on Free Day while job hunting around town. Even though we had an entire day of desperate employment hunting planned, we seized the moment and took advantage of the free entry to the gardens. We spent the entire afternoon on the grounds and barely made it through the incredible cactus garden before closing.

A year later, my parents visited (to see their pregnant daughter up close) and I returned to the Huntington with them to show them the birthplace of my found-love for these plants. They encouraged me to get a membership and patronize such a beautiful and important nonprofit, as well as engage in the important, regular ingenuity provided by the timeless grounds and changing exhibits.

Now, 2 years and a kid after that first visit, it's time to renew our membership and reflect on the inspiration that first came from losing ourselves in succulent maze.

(best pregnancy picture ever)

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