Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I visited Avila Barn & Gopher Glen

On Monday, my mother-in-law, Sarah, and my sister-in-law-in-law (who is wife of my brother-in-law & mother of my nephew, Isaac, who is 11 days older and twice as big as Petra!) went on an adventure to Avila Beach, which is not too far from San Luis Obispo.

The intent was for the Los Angeles daughter-in-law (me) to get some much needed fresh, sea air with a stop over at Gopher Glen to pick up some apples for Sarah I (Yiayia to Petra). But Sarah II (aunt to Petra) and myself have become very fond of homemaking since becoming mothers - particularly the part that revolves around food:
As Proto Yiayia ("first/great-grandmother" to Petra) says
"Greeks don't eat until they're full, they eat until their tired" and "Now you have a Yiayia. You're Greek."
And so we also ventured to Avila Valley Barn.

Oh what treasures of food and kitchen we found there! The shelves of each place were stalked
with all kinds of jams, jellies, and spreads while each table held rows and rows, boxes and boxes or fresh-from-the-farm veggies and fruits. There was honey from apple orchard! Fresh apple sauce! Apple butter! Apple fillings! Fresh apple pies! Apple turnovers! Apple Cider ice cream! And did I mention the apples? OH THE APPLES!
I made out with merely a sample of each...

Not only was the farm a farm complete with hay bale rides to their pumpkin patch, it also had a "saloon" with jars and jars of candy and buckets of fresh ice cream. At each end of the complex were stores with old-timey toys, kitchen goodies (including the most incredible
Honey-comb themed tea set), and busy bakers and roasters.

For those of us who like to touch our food, tend to the soil and wonder at its creation, Avila Barn is a truly magical place.

Below are some enticing and panoramic photos of our adventure -
(click to large panoramas)

Avila Valley Barn:

Gopher Glen:

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