Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I love Adam Wallacavage.

I might have a small obsession with tentacles...

Last night I opened my very own Etsy store because, aside from "The Sheean Compound" being in desperate need of rent for next month in lieu of Matt's work-prohibitive appendectomy and while we wait on a long-delayed job to start *breath*, I found the perfect industrious translation to my love of handy work AND the creepy-crawlies of the ocean! Just before Petra was born, I took up crocheting. I found a simple pattern for left-over-yarn octopi and modified the pattern to create the bulbous-headed silhouette I wanted. It occurred to me that such modifications weren't so hard to do and, before I knew it, I had a pretty cute lookin' squid on my hands -err, belly - too!

But anyway, check out the store and see the pocket-sized cephalopods, some foot-tall sea creature toys and, the ever-so-popular, 100% organic cotton jellyfish.

As I was saying...

I have a small obsession with tentacles.

Adam Wallacavage does, too. But his obsession manifests itself in more than just Haunted-Mansion-quirkiness, there is a hint of Winchester-Mystery-House aesthetic his practical, but whimsical, pieces of art.

At first glance, these chandeliers looks like any 19th-20th century appropriation of European romantic opulence in lighting; but a closer look (or a crazy colored wall) will draw your eye to the starfish, shells, and suction cups that house the glass-blown lightbulbs. If that doesn't catch your attention, the crazy & beautiful shadows the light fixtures cast, definitely will!

If ever I move beyond crocheting cephalopods, I would surely love to take on the challenge of sculpting the organic lines of the invertebrates of the deep into functional and touchable art.

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