Thursday, November 4, 2010

The first thing I ever filmed.

I used to be a performing arts geek. I loved being on the stage for band, choir and the annual high school musicals - but when I broke up with my boyfriend my senior year (who was involved with most of these things and, thus, had lots of friends in the same classes as me) I had a really hard time losing myself in these interests with his and his kind involved at equally intimate levels.

Luckily, I had tricked my parents into signing a form that emancipated me in the eyes of the public school system! I spent a lot of time ditching those classes for "dentist appointments" and "family issues." Then, one day, I found an unassuming, unencumbered, and secretly compassionate teacher in detached classroom on a part of the campus I had never, ever visited. As it turns out, our high school had a video production program, and he was the king of it! I don't know if I started to go to the classroom after I was asked to perform in one of his students' videos or after I realized my choir period was his prep period and he didn't care if ditched in the video studio - but in case it was love at first sight.

(Uuugghh, did you think I was talking about a student-teacher affair!? Gross. Not cool. Shame on you.)

Anyway, at the end of the fall semester I switched into one of the video classes and played catch up with more zeal than I had ever known myself to have. I plotted and practiced and story-boarded and shot and re-shot until I was satisfied with this - the very first video I ever ever ever wrote or shot or edited or produced:

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